Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 21 at the ranch

We heard there was a pillow fight in the teepee, that the boys got "overly excited", the boys (not one of them) nor the counselors told us anything about it.  We asked Colton about it because we had heard it "through the grapevine".  He said no one told because they felt sorry for him because he was poor:) too funny:) and yes, compared to the rest, he probably is but they don't know that:)  The other boys had all been to the ranch before and he said that he doesn't usually get to do these kind of trips.   The boys from do not have a tv and none of them have a video game!  Not a Wii, DS, XBox, etc....    I just LOVE their parents.  But I don't think Colton was the only "instigator" in this crowd!  They were "boy boys" and Colton had SOOOO much fun with them!

Rod and Glacier:)  His match made in horse heaven!  Glacier has one blue eye and brown eye!

Colton, of course, beat the other kids to the bell.  Imagine that:)!!

Loved all the trails we rode on.  Part of the fun was "loping"  Oh my, if anyone took a video of me loping, I would pay them every penny I had to not let anyone see it.  It was NOT pretty:)  It was actually pretty comical!!! 

We "ran into" Colton on the trail with his riding crew.  He loved going out with the other kids.  He was SOOOOO cute on his little horse:)

Ok, the guy in front of Colton is a counselor.  His name is John Michael.  He rode like this all the time.   He watched the kids CONSTANTLY!!!  He had Colton, Maxi and Kato on a ride and they saw a MOOSE!!!  Moose are BIG!!  Horses are scared of moose!  So does that tell you anything about John Michael?  He has four scared horses and three wild boys and came face to face with a moose!  How impressive is that?

Nana grooming her horse:)

It was "fancy dinner" for adults with kids cookout!

This is Xabi, Maxi and Kato's mom.  She said that she was a "pacifist"??? and HATED guns.  Even play guns.  She let her boys play with the guns at the ranch, but they couldn't take them home.  So  we have all of their guns at our house:)

Erin and I are all "fancied up":)

We then went to their neighbor's house to view her artwork.  She is an artist, etc...  Her house was AMAZING!!  I can't even begin to explain..........  I think these flowers were at the house:)

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