Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas' the day before Christmas....

And lots of creatures were stirring, especially the ones in the pictures below...

The stockings are hung by the chimney....

Colton is excited!

They have made their Christmas goodies for the neighbors!

And even made a Gingerbread village:)

We are excited about Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  We are excited about Santa, but know that the real reason we are celebrating Christmas today is that it is Jesus' birthday!

Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

Merry Christmas to all!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Videos!!

Tell Stan that I don't think these vidoes will go viral!!  As cute as they are, I don't think people will be searching them out on YouTube:)

Leslie, it was a great program!  You and your actors and helpers did a great job!

Pages Christmas Program Video

Leslie, the volume is not good.  My fault, but I am figuring this all out.  Let me know if you can at least see the video.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Party

Decorating Cookies!

Getting ready to eat the cookie!

I don't know how his teacher keeps her sanity!!  She has 14 boys in her class and one of them is Colton:)

Michael in the picture above is the little boy from the pool party that told me he drownded.  He was in Colton's class last year and I think I have as many pictures with him as I do with Colton.  He is so much fun and has the best personality...  You will see more of Michael in this blog, I am sure:)

My "present" for the next two weeks:)

Colton had a great party in his class.  They did a book exchange instead of gifts.  I thought that was a great idea!  Colton's teacher is really into reading!  Colton brings home two library books,  a Junie B. Jones chapter book and two phonetic reading books per night!!  It is a lot !!!  He reads effortlessly if he is focused, but focused is the key word!!  Most nights, Rod and I read every other page just so he can get through before midnight..... 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shopping Trip!

Rod came and picked up Colton at lunch today for them to go on their shopping trip!  Even though I was excited, I was worried.  I was right to be worried!  I went to my bank statement on line and they spent lots of money!!  Randy and I talked on the phone today and he said, "WalMart probably needs to be restocked if they went shopping!"  I told him it wasn't WalMart (thank goodness) but the outlet malls in Hilton Head.  He said they probably will have to be restocked then!  And, after looking at that statement, I am scared he is right.

Rod wore the Santa hat to school today "just for me"!  He said he knew I would be embarressed:)  He is so thoughtful:)

And, Colton pulled out his 8th tooth!  He has lost all the front teeth, top and bottom.  Or maybe I shouldn't say lost, but pulled!  He pulls them out the minute they get a little bit wiggly.  So different from me, I would let them hang by a thread before I would let any one touch them!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The past week...

Colton lost his 7th tooth!  For his 7th birthday?? :)

Well, over a week ago - Rod and I went to "The Mansion on Forsyth" for his work party.  It is a hotel on Forsyth Park and it is unbelievable....  I have to tell a story with this one....  I decided that after teaching school all day and trying to contain Colton while I got ready, that I needed some help!!!  I made an appt. with my hairdresser (side note.... she is a little crazy) for her to "fix" my hair...   I walked in and she was cutting someone else's hair.  She said, "Billie, where in the world are you going????  You have never asked me to "fix" your hair!!!!"  So, I told her.  But, I told her I did not want to look like I was going to the prom.  Before I left, she had "fixed" my hair and painted my toenails and spray tanned me (my first time)....  So, I guess it was like I was going to the prom.....  Probably more than I did when I actually went to the prom:)

Side note:  I did not look like an orange Oompa Loompa (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)!  Even though Rod scared me to death about it!!

And ya'll know I am not about posting pictures of myself, but Rod took this pic of me at the pool party and I think it is the best picture of me in YEARS!!!  So, I had to share it:)

My Kindergarten Class picture has gotten 30+ posts on Facebook!  It has almost been as popular as a Justin Bieber video!!  We have collectively named every kid in the class except one little girl!  That is pretty amazing!
By the way, Leslie, this was take at FUMC in Laurinburg.  Probably one of the same rooms that Creighton and Finley visit still!

I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!!!  As much as I love to give the old guy in this pic a hard time, I can't take away from the fact that he is an unbelievable brother and uncle!!  What an incredible picture to say that...  A safe place for my boy!!  He knows who loves him:)!!!!

Rod posted this pic on Facebook as "Georgia Wildlife"  Don't you agree????

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Shutterfly has a promotion that offers 50 free Christmas cards to bloggers. I have used Shutterfly for my Christmas cards in the past.    Here is one of my favorites from the past. This was a great year in our lives and I thought this card was a cute way to remember all the big events. This card was made by Shutterfly. Here is another card!. This was the year that I will never forget and one of my favorite Christmas cards. I love using Shutterfly because I think they have unique and creative designs on their cards.  I want to use images of events from the past year.  I want a nice card so that you can see the pictures.
This is classic and simple. I like cards that say Merry Christmas.

This one would be perfect with the dress Finley has on in the picture I hope to use.

I love the script on this card.

I am also going to get a mouse pad for my computer like this because I have been using a Dell mouse pad that came with the computer for 6 years so I think it is time for an upgrade!

For those of you on FB or for my famous family on Twitter (:) you can promote this give away using this code:

I can not wait to get my new Shutterfly cards!

Check Shutterfly out! They have some great choices this year and just looking at the site can give you cute picture ideas.  They can help you decide what you want your card to look like!!

Here's hoping that you get a Shutterfly card from me soon. And a free one at that!  I am so excited to share our year with you!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Pool Party!

Everything went very smoothly!  There were only two little glitches!

My seven year old fish!

They provided the cake!  I thought it was pretty cute!

He had a lot of fun!

The whole gang, minus one little boy that was in the bathroom.  I think they had fun too!


The four divas on the right only got out of the pool when Colton started opening their cards!  They all four are in his class and they are full of personality!

Opening his gifts!

This was after we took the group picture and all the kids jumped back into the pool!

Getting ready to jump off the diving board!

Wild boys!

The four divas!

The eaters!  (This is what Rod called them:)

Do you think that Randy is wiping the sweat from working, eating, or talking too much???

Bobbi Jo and Sadie!

This is what the place looked like from a distance and before all the monsters arrived!

And let the daredevil adventures begin........

All in all, it was PERFECT!!!

Thank you Mom, Donna and Randy for coming and helping.  I really do appreciate it!  Also, to Randy, thanks for all the projects you worked on since Rod hasn't been able to do anything lately!

Our glitches..... Michael came up to me and said, "Mrs. Billie, I drownded... "  (I brought him without his parents and they forgot to mention that he couldn't swim????)  I said, "Michael, you didn't drown b/c you are still here!"  Well, let's just put it this way, the lifeguard had to jump in and save him and a little girl named Diya!  Thank goodness the lifeguards were there!!!!  Micheal is in the picture with Colton when he has seven fingers up, just for a reference!  Diya went to the diving board and her mom was there and told me she couldn't swim.  I guess she had seen the lifeguards jump in for Michael and figured they would do the same for her:)  I rode home by myself and thanked the Lord that no one got hurt, and that I got to ride home by myself!!!

Another great party in the books!!