Tuesday, August 14, 2012



Second Grade

Third Grade 2012-2013!
We got Ben in this one:)

I could say alot, but I won't!  I'll just say BFF's!

I have had it in my mind the last several years to recreate the PreK picture we took!  I have just realized that the PreK picture was taken AFTER school, not before!  The last two years, I have been harassing Keeli to take remakes in the AM!  Now I know, we can just do it AFTER school! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

PreK to 3rd

It is so hard to believe how much he has grown!



First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Look at the deadbolt and how much he has grown every year!  Wow!!!

Leslie, I am coming to Laurinburg this weekend!  I hope I get to see you!  I will call you Friday afternoon!  Ya'll definitely need to do a trip!  The National Parks are so amazing!  I would wait until Finley was 6 or older, but SO worth it!!!!  And, The Dude Ranch was so much fun too!  I would really recommend that as well!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Third Grade!!!

No, I CAN NOT believe it!!!!!  Can you????  Third Grade????  My baby boy!!  Yes, as rambunctious and wild as he is, there is such an innocence about him.  He can be so sweet, mannerly and PERFECT!! (Not all the time, but sometimes:)  He can be loving and helpful!  He gives me a kiss, he rubs my arm, he tells me he loves me, he snuggles up at night and wiggles in the chair, he steals my heart even when he makes me crazy!!!!!  When I see him at school, he turns his palm inward and waves me over.  I really need to film that wave.  It drives me crazy when I am on the way to a meeting, I see his class and I hear, "Mom, come here!"   Oh, how I know people are waiting.... but this boy wants me!  He needs me!  And, I might not always respond in the best way and I might get frustrated, and rattled... but I want him to know how much I love him and that I would do anything (that includes rappeling off of an arch, going to the ballpark today by myself to feed the pitching machine), yes.... I mean ANYTHING for him!

Open House

Open House:)

My "school son"!  He came to see me at Open House, oh I love this boy too!

Door Picture!

Door Picture with the wave:)

Our new principal is beside Colton.  I worked with her at Springfield Elementary, so she feels like family!  Mrs. Newkirk is the Assistant Principal!

This is my family in Rincon!  I really can't imagine being here without them!

His best friend!

Ms. West, Colton's Third Grade Teacher!

She is wonderful!!!

Four teacher kids and my school son:)

Colton and Michael eating breakfast on the first day of school!

And SK, if you are reading this.... Thank you SO much for what you said to me at the meeting last week! It really meant alot to me. I struggle with trying to be the best mom I can be and I feel like a failure every day! I hope he will appreciate the things I have done for him one day! I had never camped or slept in a tent before he came into this world! I put on my big girl panties a long time ago when it came to him experiencing life, now if I can just do it when I have to deal with his behavior:) and other people's response to it and him!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Why I am...... Rodeo Queen:)

The video is a little shaky (ok, alot shaky) but you can get the point:)  I think Poohbah got excited because I beat Rod!!!!

Again, soooo much fun:)

Rapid City

We rode through Cheyenne, WY on our way to Rapid City.  They were having Frontier Days!  It was amazing!  We did not get to stay very long, but I would have loved to stay all day!  Brad Paisley and The Band Perry were playing there that night..... but we were heading to see Bo and Lilly and had to keep on moving:)

Rainbow at the hotel in Rapid City!

Absolutely Amazing!!!

LOVE this handsome face:)

It was so good to see Lilly and Randy!  I know Lilly felt the same way after hiking with crazy man for a week:)


Randy's nose is bigger than George Washington's nose ever was!

Lilly's - not so much:)

Nana and Poohbah at Mount Rushmore!

Rod did a self-photo shot with the Presidents!

And then....... on to Crazy Horse!

At The Firehouse in Rapid City!  Thanks for the recommendation, Debbie!  It was great!!

Our hotel had an indoor waterpark!