Monday, August 6, 2012

day 22 Friday

On the last full day at the ranch, we had a rodeo!  It was quite comical!  But, it was so much fun:)  My horse, Cricket, did not move at the speed of sound.  She would not even trot!  I would kick her and kick her and she would just mosey on around the "event"!  So much for being rodeo queen!

The pony at the ranch was named Rodney.  He was the oldest horse there and soooo cute!  I loved seeing the little kids riding him!

Rod and Glacier

Colton and Shaw:)  I don't know what was up with Shaw's belly???  They were too cute though!

Erin and Folly

Rod cheesing for the camera!

Colton getting ready for the boot race!  He came in second place:)

My strategy of keeping my pants leg up did not help me!  I didn't "place" in this event:)

Rodeo procession!

Cassidy on her horse!

Getting ready for the "pudding pie race"!

That is what cowboy boots are supposed to look like!

View of the ranch from a mountaintop!

Everyone got wet on the last ride of the week:)

Hanging out on the porch!  So much fun:)

The brook behind our cabin!  Loved to hear it bubbling at night!

The staff put on a skit the last night!  Very funny:)

The owners!  They bought the ranch about 15 years ago after they spent a week there.  They fell in love and bought the place!

All of the wranglers!

Colton getting a ribbon!  He got four:)

Rod getting his second place ribbon for the pudding pie race because......

You see who got first????  :)

I didn't realize this at the time but two of the guys have their backs to me.  This is a guy vs girl race and I won for the girls:)  The guys didn't like it too much:)

Showing off! 

Oh how I wish I was still on the ranch!  My breakfast, lunch and dinner was cooked every day.  My room was cleaned!  No worries, except for if my horse would lope or not:)

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