Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 8

We  stayed in Howell, AZ last night.  We headed out to the Petrified Forest/Painted Desert this morning.  Wow, again, unbelievable!  Hard to describe it!  Finished up with the new Jr. Ranger and headed to the Meteor Crater.  Oh, yes that goes right along with the Aviation Museum, Space Center and now the Meteor!  I think they are trying to go to Outer Space.... or at least drive me there:)

We got into Flagstaff, hit Walmart for some supplies, found the cheapest motel we could find and stand, then went to dinner at a DDD place called Salsa Bravo.  Food was great!  The DDD website is such a neat thing!  This was Rod's thing, not mine, and I am SOOO glad that he knew about it!  Me, cooking show??? I don't think so :)  But maybe this trip has changed my mind!

This is way too many pictures, but getting everything uploaded is killing me!  I have been trying to upload to Shutterfly, do a little editing, then upload to blog.  As you can tell, between the nonstop sightseeing and lack of internet service, that is not happening real well.  I am trying to keep up:)

try this link, if the other one doesn't work!

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