Saturday, July 7, 2012


Yes, Keeli, we are still alive:)  Just having so much trouble with downloading pictures in the middle of nowhere! 

We have taken a million!!!  Internet access is still sketchy around AZ and NM.  Really hard to believe sometimes that we are in the USA.  But, we are in Flagstaff, AZ right now, so I am trying to play catch up!!!

Donna and Leslie.... thanks for the comments! 

We are finished with Day 8 as I am typing this.  Rod and Colton are both sound asleep, and I am up!  Typical Cassidy night:)  Oh, and it is 2 am on the East Coast, but 11 pm here! So, no, I am not up at 2 am:)  I am going to sleep now too!

So many AMAZING places!  Tomorrow we are off to Sedona, then Grand Canyon, then on and on and on......!!!!  Don't expect it to go downhill anytime soon!

And..... believe it or not, we really are not getting on each others nerves too much!  The surroundings are just so unbelievable, hard to pay attention or bother each other (too much) :)

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