Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Zion 2 Day 11

our room at the grand canyon did not have ac.
the low was supposed to be 59, so we thought it would be fine. 
well, it must have been the hottest night of the year for the GC b/c
it only got down to 69.  it was a hot night! 
lots of things about this trip  makes me realize how spoiled we are.
the drive from grand canyon to zion was breathtaking. 
it was also like the painted desert.
finally got a pic of two of those huts that the indians live in. 
i would love to be able to see inside them.
we did a drive by on the zion national park sign:)
zion:  absolutley incredible!  the narrows were unbelievable. 
of course, rod and colton went further than i did. 
the water was cold!!!

i sat in this littlew corner while rod and colton went further up
it was so funny to see the different levels of explorers. 
i saw two very professional looking rock climbers (not the one in the
from people with guides, to people with tennis shoes, to flip flops to
bare feet. 
a group sat beside me and the girl was telling them she could not go
any further.   i figured out she needed a band-aid and i had one.  they
said i was a life saver:)  the simple things:)  then i was hoping that
rod or colton would not need it when they got back:)
guy asked me if i was from NC.  i was sitting on a little ledge and this
group walked by me.  a man said something, like "you have a good spot"
i said something back... don't even remember what.  he turned around
and said "Are you from NC?"  too funny....  he could tell by the twang!

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