Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 9

Sedona, AZ

Absolutely incredible experience!  And yes, we have seen the second restaurant with Rincon in the title! (Poohbah, how do pronounce that?  Is it Rincun or Rincon.... is it mess-a or may-sa??  It is hard for this southern girl to say it correctly :)

I have spent the evening in a laundromat!  Another interesting, hopefully ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE!!  I will just say I was the only person with blond hair and leave it at that!

And yes, I broke the computer!  I let it fall on the floor last night since I was up at almost midnight and we had to pay somebody to fix it today.  Luckily though, we were in Flagstaff, AZ and were planning on staying both nights and we were not in the middle of nowhere.  Flagstaff is a neat town!  I think I could live here!  We ordered a pizza tonight, sat outside by the pool at our hotel and ate it.  I did not see one fly, or get bit by one mosquito!!!  I wasn't hot at all!  Now what do you think about that?  Beginning of July, 7pm, eating outside by a pool - no bugs, no sweating!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sign me up!  This is where I need to live!!!

As I go through the day, I always think of so many notes that I want to take, but it doesn't always work out.  One note is this:  We went to the park where Rod and Colton are in the creek.  There was a section called Buddha Beach.  Ok, I wonder how and why things get named certain things and then we hit Buddha Beach and see all the little rock "shrines" and I get why it is called Buddha Beach!  Just like they named the rocks because of things they look like, it did look like a shrine for Buddha.  There was a guy in the background that was stacking the rocks which was very interesting, but I didn't even mention it to Rod and Colton.  They were too busy swimming:) 


Whew, I am caught up:)  Will it last??

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