Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 2 New Orleans

New Orleans, LA
This is a place that has always been on “my bucket list”.  I have ALWAYS wanted to visit New Orleans.  Well…. Today I did!  I thought it was beautiful and I would love to go back one day, but on my next visit I want to go without any kids.  Colton did great and was a trooper, but it just wasn’t his cup of tea.  I love walking through the city and looking at all the streets and sights.  Colton doesn’t want to look at buildingsJ  I told Rod that I would love to walk down every street in the French Quarter.  Hopefully, I will go back and spend more than one day.  Colton said the rest of the days on our trip needed to be “his kind of days”!
We rode the cable cars.  We ate at a neat restaurant called Antoine's at the Napolean in the French Quarter. 

Toured the French quarter.  Went down bourbon st and colton held his nose and kept saying what is this horrible stench? 

The Catholic Cathedral was gorgeous. 

At the fountain,  Colton made a wish.  Colton told me that he wished to always have his family and friends.  To not “break up with his mom and dad and not get lost”.  He is so sweet sometimes.  When rod and him would cross streets in front of me he would look back and check on me.  I told him that he didn’t want the cable cars to drive over me b/c he wanted to drive me crazy himselfJ

Andrew Jackson statue  sign says "the union must be preserved".
Ate beignets and drank coffee at café de monde.

Went to the graveyards.

Drove through the garden district.

Rode through the ninth ward.  You can still see the devastation from hurricane Katrina.  Very sad!

Ate again at a restaurant called the joint that rod found on the drive ins, diners and dives website.  It was great!

It was a Very hot day!

Rode from New Orleans down Highway 90 that took us through sugar cane fields and rice fields.  Very interesting.  Two interesting observations.  One was that I have hardly seen any children today unless they were sightseeing like us.  No kids playing any where.  It got kind of weird after a while.  We also rode for a couple of hours on a back road through farm country.  There were houses but we never saw anyone outside or any kids playing.  We decided that the people in LA must feed their kids to the alligatorsJ  just kidding.

Also, they had all of these drive through daiquiri places.  How do you drive through and get a daiquiri?  Doesn’t that seem illegal?

Sky was unbelievably beautiful.  Sunset was amazing last night.  Didn’t get a picture of it but it was a huge ORANGE ball in the sky.

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  1. I did not realize that you had never been to N.O. It is a beautiful place but like Colton said B. Street does stink. I saw on tv a parade on River Street in St. Antonio for the military. It looked beutiful also and I know ya'll are heading that way. Stay safe and cool! Donna