Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cute Halloween Costumes

are a thing of the past at the Cassidy house, I am sorry to say :( !!

But I think the previous halloweens have been pretty cute!

First Halloween

Second Halloween

Third Halloween

Fourth Halloween

Fifth Halloween

Last year, I was sick on Halloween day.  I can not find the pictures that I did take of Colton.  He was a ninja (not cute), but these are two pics from last year during Halloween.  The first picture is him with a wig on that was in my classroom.  The other one is of us at his play and he was dressed as a crow. 

Another "ninja" is coming out again tonight.  Not what I would choose, but it is hard to convince a boy that is almost seven to wear what I consider "cute"! 

Happy Halloween!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010


I didn't get any fantastic pics, and I don't know if the video has loaded.  But I am trying:)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ocean Isle Memories

I know she is still the center of attention in so many ways, but she was definitely the center of all my pictures for a very long time!!  Here she is....... LILLY!!!  See if you can find a pic she isn't in:)  There are only a few!

Sweet pic of Beth holding Lilly!
And Leslie, with Jon!

Oh, and there is Robin with who????  Lilly:)
And Jon with???? Lilly
Oh, there she is again:)  With Dan:)
Vegging out with Amanda!  One of our favorite pasttimes at Ocean Isle in the day.  By the way, I don't see Lilly!  I can't believe it!  What were we thinking????  Taking a picture without her in it, CRAZY!!!!! 

Oh, there she is!!  We created a little shrine to watch her sleep on the beach, I am sure!  She isn't dead, I can assure you, just probably exhausted from having her picture taken:)

And yes, Daniel, you look fabulous.  I promised to not show bikini pics, but I hadn't seen this one yet:)  For everyone else, I will keep my promise.

MEMORIES!!!!!!!!  More pics to come:)

Monday, October 25, 2010


Do we look like we are going on a prom date or what? 
Donna, Rod and I have laughed about this picture!!

Too cute!!  How long ago was this?

Ya'll just wait, I have a MILLION pictures of Lilly:)

Sweet Pic!!

I started this post because of the picture of Donna and me.  It has cracked me up so much.  I have so many wonderful pictures to share.  I want to thank Donna for "making me" get my stuff out of my closet at Mother's House!!

More to come!!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tybee and Curtains

I have thought about creating a blog since Beth started hers, but I always felt like it was "too late" because Colton was already in Kindergarten and I didn't start from the beginning of his life.  Well....... tonight I have decided to play catch up!  As a 44 year old woman that has been "forced" to clean out her closet at her mother's house, I have found treasures that HAVE to be shared.  As I have been sifting through these priceless pictures, and thinking about all the people that I wanted to see them, I thought "there is no better way"!  I wnted to start with the priceless picture of Donna and me, but it would not upload.  So it will have to wait.....  but, I have already sent her an email of it.  Rod and I have laughed about it as well.  We all are wondering why we look like it is an engagement picture and we have our hands wrapped around each others waists.  Debbie, she can never say anything about you holding on to someone in pics again!!! :)  And, by the way, it is just going to get better  ya'll just wait.  And yes, I have some pics that would make some of you totally uncomfortable being posted, but I would NEVER post a bikini pic!!!  But, I do have some in case I need to blackmail any of my family members:)  enjoy!!  One more thing, if you think I have taken a ton of pics of Colton, wait til you see the pics I have taken of Lilly.  Oh my goodness, there has to be at least a million!!!

I could not upload the pic of Donna and me, but I will next week.  So i added pics of my fantastic day with Colton at Tybee and of the fabulous curtains that Debbie made possible!  Donna, I changed the title of this post since I decided to make my blog title "Cleaning out the Closet"!