Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 17 and 18

Day 17 Sunday began with brekfast followed by an orientation with the staff.  There were several from NC!  Then we "met" our horses for the week.  Colton's horse is named Shaw.  My horse is named Cricket.  Rod's horse is named Glacier!  (Picture will be added soon)I guess you have to be big as a glacier to hold Rod:)  We went for ride, then back for lunch.  We all signed up for fly fishing this afternoon execpt for Cassidy.  She did a class on taking care of your horse.  We had a pretty bad thunderstorm and everyone sat on the porch and watched the rain!

We had a cookout and then took a hayride to the top of a mountain. They sang some songs, had the guys participate. Yes, Rod got to be the star in his sweat pants! The kids participated in a song as well. I do have both of these on video! We almost didn't get to go because right when they were loading up the wagon, Colton cut his finger pretty bad. We did get up there. We had hot chocolate, smores, a beautiful sunset, etc.... We rode up with Mrs. Sue. She is 82! Full of life and SPUNKY!!

Another GREAT day!

Day 18 Monday

We took a horse back ride.  We realized that the "handy man" that took our luggage into our cabin was actually the owner.  And...  he is a doctor.  We got to ride with Christine, his wife and the person that runs the ranch.  That was alot of fun.  She picked on Rod.  She had to get me a "switch" for Cricket because Cricket was SLOW!!!!!!!  and I mean SLOW:)  Too funny.  Christine also started picking on Rod today!  More to come about that!  We had a fajita cookout.  The kids rode to the spot and saw a baby bear and a mama bear:)

Oh, and loping............  well, not only is my horse slow, but i don't think loping is for me:)

Christine said she could not see one of the riders named Pia because she was behind Rod and Glacier throughout the ride.  Glacier is Rod's clone for a horse:)

We then had square dancing  and Colton lOVED it!!  He looked at me and said this is SOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!

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