Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dude Ranch

I have added a ton of pictures to the share site.  They are from the dude ranch.  The dude ranch was better than I can even explain!  I have stories, things I want to comment on, etc....  I am really going to work on it this weekend!  I just wanted to share the pics.  I can't explain how perfect this place was!  We really enjoyed getting to spend time with Poohbah, Nana, Erin and Cassidy!  We had such a good time and we met some really amazing people!

One note:  Colton saw a bear and a moose!  In the wild, not a zoo:)  Amazing!!! Even if he doesn't realize how special that is, I do!!!

Here is the address again:

I would like to edit how many there are, so it wouldn't be so boring for ya'll to look at, but I just haven't been able to do it!

And, if you get through all the pics and see me with my blue ribbon!  I will have to tell that story!  I crowned myself "rodeo queen" because I beat Rod in the pudding pie race!

The owner, I will post a pic of her, decided that Rod was her target for the week.  They all gave him such a hard time and he was a good sport!  One example was during the boot race.  (Check pics)  When they got down there, Rod's boot was not there:)  It was so funny:)!!!! 


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