Thursday, June 30, 2011

Springfield Lake

Since I live with such an avid fisherman:)!!  And, his daddy is working weekend shift right now!  We had to find somewhere to fish!  This is a neat little lake in Springfield that has a walking track around it!  We have been a couple of times and it is very relaxing! 

Beaufort AirShow

We went to the Beaufort Air Show in May and had a great time!  Here are some pictures!  The Blue Angels were awesome, they had games for the kids, and the kids got to go in the tanks, etc..... Colton loved it!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Camp Riddick

What more could you ask for in a camp?

You get to hold puppies!

Chill with your aunt and Grandmother on the boat!

On the Chowan River:)

Hang out with Uncle Bo and Uncle Marty!

Get rescued by Daniel!

Swim in the pool!

How cute is this????

Play Cornhole with your grandmother!

Ride horses with your Uncle Marty!

I hear they shot guns and did fireworks too:)

See your cousin Jonathan!

Stay home with your Aunt Denise while your mom goes out to eat with Lilly and her boyfriend!

And Jon!  At a really neat restaurant in Elizabeth City!

Jon and Bo!

Play basketball with JR!

Fourwheeling!!!  (Lilly and JR)

Fourwheeling (Colton and Chase)

Ok, now really...... could you ask for anything more?????  Let's recap - boat, pool, guns, fireworks, cornhole, horseback riding, puppies, shooting guns, basketball!  I think we have found a new vacation spot:)!!!

Fishing with Aunt Debbie...

This is the picture that Colton drew of him and Aunt Debbie of their fishing trip! 

What can I say but: PRICELESS!!!

Thank you so much, Debbie, for taking Colton on such an exciting adventure!  He loved it!!!

Mr. Tom sounds like such a neat man!  We really appreciate him taking up so much time with Colton!  Again, what wonderful memories!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Colton's 1st relay race and swim meet!

One of the most exciting things I have ever witnessed........  i wish that the rest of the video had uploaded, because it is priceless!  Especially the 2 or 3 minutes after the race while I am cheering and the camera is dangling in my arms - no doubt.... a Billie moment:)!!!!

But then, the part that is here really is the best part!  My baby takes control:)  He really doesn't like to lose:)!!!

clink on this link:

My little swimmer!  He looks so professional:)

             The first meet was at the Islands YMCA, so of course, we had to go spend the afternoon at Tybee!  This Macaw was sitting at the table beside us.  The couple were feeding him and he was just hanging out with them like he was there baby.  We did not bother them at all!  But when we were all finished eating, we did ask for a picture and they were very nice and helped us out!  Several other children came up to them while they were eating, etc...... But not us!!!!  We used good manners:)!  But, the Macaw drew more attention than a puppy or a cute kid would any day! 

After lunch, it was on to the beach.......  catching critters and chasing girls!

End of 1st grade

Field Day Activites! 

Field Day!  This was my station that I worked during that day!

Have you heard???  Colton won a skateboard!!!!  He was SO excited! 

Colton and Mrs. Durkin, the principal of BES, after he won the skateboard!

Our neighbor, Jimmy McIntosh, loves skateboarding and is an artist.  He painted this skateboard!  It is gorgeous!  Colton was SO very proud!!

Jimmy put the wheels on and signed the skateboard!

International Arts Festival!
Colton's goofy class!


More of his class.....they were a great group!

Waiting to "dance"!!!

Breaking it down:)!!!

Check out that outfit!  That shirt was Rod's when he was little!  Colton got so many comments/compliments on that shirt that day!  It was fun that there was a story to go with it!

Award's Day!!

Rachel's face is priceless:)  Colton looks nervous!

The two ladies in the background were Colton's Kindergarten Teacher and Para!  Most of the kids in his first grade class were also in their Kindergarten class.  I love the look on Ms. Carrie's face!  You can tell she is so proud!




He had a great 1st grade year!

Getting his "Honor Roll" medal!  This is when the kids really get excited!!!

Waiting for your name to be called out..... wondering????  YES!!! Relief:)  I feel sorry for the ones that don't get it, but honor roll is honor roll!

Colton and Andrew have been in "school" together since they were one years old!

YES, I love him SO much....  He keeps me on my toes and sometimes I get so frazzled, I can't think straight.... but I can not imagine my life without him!!!!  He is so smart, funny and athletic!  He makes me proud!!  He makes me happy!  He makes my life VERY INTERESTING!!!!