Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Lot to be Thankful For....

I didn't load the pictures in order, but you all know the chain of events!  I had a great day!  Yes, I have so much to be thankful for - especially my family......  that is what it is all about!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

tybee time

Rod took this picture the last time we were at Tybee.  It is where we sit at one of our favorite restaurants.  There are so many incredible things about Tybee Island, but this speaks for itself!!!  I love Tybee Island:)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Junie B. Jones

It is Book Week at Blandford Elementary!  We have a parade and each class dresses up as characters from a book.  The classes decorate their doors and bulletin boards for the book, etc...  Mrs. Allen (the best teacher in the world, by the way) loves Junie B. Jones.  They are hilarious little chapter books about a very mischievious little girl!   Here are some pics, and make sure you look at the video, I had to post it separately.  But when you see Paulie Allen Puffer, you know that Mrs. Allen definitely knows her characters.  And it is hilarious, when Paulie stops to act like he is going to throw his football at the videographer (me) and I am saying, GO! GO! GO!  I was nervous he was going to throw the ball!  Amazingly, he had made it through the whole school (and it is BIG) without actually throwing it!!!!  Again, Mrs. Allen has magical powers:)

Mrs. Allen bribed Michael with a sucker to be Baby Ollie (Junie B.'s baby brother)  But Michael has a great personality and probably would have done it just for the ride!!

Some characters from the book series, but none as interesting as:

Paulie Allen Puffer in action!

Is this not perfect???

Through this post, I have been singing Mrs. Allen's praises.  I am not exaggerating.  She is incredible.  Colton has had a rough couple of weeks with his behavior and I had sent her an email apologizing.  I am pasting her response to me.  It made me cry... 

"Colton is fine- he is a beautiful work in progress- do not worry about us- I just want to keep you in the know so you can also address things that might need extra reinforcement. Colton has my heart."

What more could you ask for in a teacher???  She is so wonderful.  I always say, they either love him or hate him.  Thank goodness she loves him:)

Junie B. Jones Video

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No Fried Turkey:(

Just an update!  No, Rod isn't going to be able to come to Laurinburg.  He had surgery and he has to work next week:(  Sorry, I know I promised that there would be some fried turkey, but Rod is not going to be able to make it happen!

My second note:  Which could be a long story, but I will give ya'll the condensed version:)  Rod has a new recliner.  Isn't it ugly (oops, I mean lovely:)????  I will have to tell ya'll the long version next week.  But, basically the nurse said he would need a recliner to sleep in, we went to our local "kind of like Parker Or Coughenor" furniture store.  They let us "borrow" this ugly thing but gave us a great deal so we decided to keep it!  To order one in a better fabric was going to cost 3 times as much.  And as sad as this is to say, before they delivered this chair, Rod was PITIFUL trying to sit and get comfortable!!!  Nothing in our house was really big enough for him to sit in.  Poor baby:(

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last Soccer Game

I got a couple of good shots at Colton's last soccer game that I wanted to share!

He had a cute little team! 
Acting Silly!

Getting ready for team picture!

Fancy Footwork!

I think he is watching where he kicked the ball, hoping for a goal!

He has raw athletic ability!

He loves to POWER KICK, not dribble!  Imagine that:)

Hanging back with the coaches!