Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 5

I think this is the start of what we came out here for!  Carlsbad Caverns was unbelievable!!  We started the day with a drive through Texas to get here.  Very interesting scenery.  We were looking at the Wind Turbines and Rod was talking about how windy it was, but I decided it was time to have our picnic.  Remember, we are being conservative:)  It was so windy when we got out of the truck, we could hardly stand up.  We have some chip clips with us and that is how we kept our paper towels on the table.  It was quite comical.  There was hardly anything in between San Antonio and Carlsbad Caverns!  We actually saw a ghost town!  Really, a real ghost town, not a gimic.  It was a little town that was completely uninhabited.  We went through an incredible thunderstorm!  But..... THE CAVERNS were well worth the drive.  And the bat flight out of the cave at night (you could not take pictures) was unbelievable!  Definitely a once in a lifetime experience!  Colton even sat still for it!!

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