Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Grand Canyon Day 10

Sunday, July 8
Grand Canyon
We drove from flagstaff to the Grand Canyon.  We got there at 11 and they let
us check into our hotel, whihc was unbelievable.
we put our stuff in the room and went straight to the rim of the
grand canyon.  i hiked to the mile and half station, rod and colton
went to the 3 mile station.  3 miles total for me, 6 miles for them.
i kind of wanted to go further, but i was scared.  it was actually a
great day for hiking the gc b/c it was over cast. 
we have a great time.
the grand canyon has got so many people there, compared to all the
other national parks.  i guess it only makes sense, bc it is the most
well known

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