Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ernie and Football

Colton was ""Ernie" (in the bathtub) for his PTO performance.  He had to blow bubbles while they sang Ernie's bathtub song.  Wow, I was impressed!  I told the music teacher that she was very brave.  She said, "Yeah, I worried about that so much.  I chose two boys for that part and wondered why i didn't choose girls:)"
Self Portrait on the way home!

Morning time with my favorite boy and my favorite dog. 

Oh.... and football has begun!  And we had a GREAT time!  Colton did really good.  He plays offense and defense. 
This is a picture of the team playing football while the coaches were grilling out!
The coaches grilled hotdogs/hamburgers for the team.  It was neat!

Colton got to participate in Punt, Pass and Kick!


There is my #70, giving it his all!  He did so good:)  He is still a little unsure of what/when to do in certain situations.  One reason.... is because he NEVER watches sports!  I have to MAKE him watch sports.  Is he athletic... no doubt.  Is he aggressive... definitely.  Does he love sports????  I can't quite figure it out???

Oh.... and I LOVE FOOTBALL!!!!!

She will know how!

Ok,  cracking myself up.

Looking at first day pics.

i remember thinking for PK...they will be able to handle him.  well............... not so much.

k.... they will be able to handle him.  well........................ rough.

1st.  she will be able to handle him.  it will be better.  well.................. almost:)

2nd.  she will be able to handle him.  well....................................... no.

ok!  it is 3rd grade and I will admit that I am still believing and I still have faith that Tracy West CAN HANDLE HIM!!!!  so far, she is dead on!!!  Colton Michael Cassidy might have met his match!  And...  I LOVE IT!!! 

Rod even had to give her a high five before the PTO performance!  She is awesome!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

let him be

Football.....It was hot! Wow, I was sweating and I didn't have a helmet, shoulder pads, etc... on. Football is not easy. I know that sounds like a joke, but I don't mean for Colton, I mean for me! I am talking about keeping up and cleaning all the equipment, etc.... it is a lot! Quite overwhelming to me:) The pads and helmet have to be aired out???? The pants shouldn't be washed after every practice???? Notice the question marks???? This is new to me! And Colton! So, we are excited! Colton has played soccer and baseball since he was two. Poor thing!! His mama thought it was the thing to do. Maybe the thing to do is wait and let them want to do something. What does Colton "want to do"? Well, gymnastics, boy scouts, karate...... maybe a break dancing class! I have to put myself in those places. It isn't about me. I HAVE to quit making it! I tell Colton all the time that he is the only one that can control what he does. I am the only one that can realize that Colton is not a mini version of what I want him to be. He is not necessarily the Three Letter Sport (you know.... Football, Basketball (or Wrestling), Baseball) A Honor Roll kid. Even though he has the FULL POTENTIAL to be that! He just might be the A Honor Roll, break-dancing kid:)!! Or................................. I just want to find out. Explore all options...... help not harm!! Please let him tell me one day that I did not harm! I helped! But............. I don't want to help by enabling. I can not enable. I can not force my will and wishes. I have to enforce structure and respect, but let this angel be who he is!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bibles, Family and Football

Ok, so far in September, we have..........  gotten our Bibles for Third Grade Sunday School Promotion!

Entertained some family:)

And started playing football!!! 

Last night was Colton's first scrimmage game.  He did really good!  It was so cute!  He has the white jersey on in the pictures!

Let Fall begin!