Saturday, June 30, 2012

Road Trip Day 1

Rod woke Colton and I up at 3 am.  We got in the truck and went back to sleep.  We both woke up around 8 am.  We were already past Tallahassee, FL.  We were in Central Time Zone, which was 7.  Two hours away from Pensacola, FL.

We stopped and played on the beach in Fort Walton, FL.  Beautiful white sand!

Pensacola, FL

Home of Five Flags.  There is a story about that.  I will have to llok that back up!  It is something about being a Spanish settlement, English Settlement, Colony, etc...

I was very Suzy Homemaker and we had a picnic lunch!

Fort Barrancas

The Ranger took up ALOT of time with Colton.  He even went to the car and got some of his own things to show Colton.  It was very nice!!!

Pensacola Lighthouse!

Playing checkers on the front porch of the lighthouse!

Well the picture below tells you where we went next!  Rod was in airplane heaven!

The next adventure was totally unplanned.  We realized there was a ferry so we took a little detour.  It was a fun adventure!  Colton thought it was "AWESOME!"

We drove through a little ship building area.

We saw the biggest pile of oyster shells we have ever seen!

Ate dinner at The Fillin' Station in Biloxi, MS.  Rod found it on the diners, drive-ins and dives website.  It was great!!  Nice way to finish off an unbelievable day! 

We are ahead of our schedule.  We are probably going to be in AZ and UT alot earlier than planned.  We are hitting New Orleans today and then probably leaving.  We hear there isn't alot for kids to do there:)

Yesterday was not bad in the car.  The first 5 hours colton and I were asleep:) 

Day1 - Successful