Monday, July 23, 2012


Yes, after posting every day, I know it may seem like I have fallen off of a cliff!  We actually had NO service on the Dude Ranch.  I could get on the internet, but uploading 1 photo took 20 to 30 minutes.  And how many do you think I took?

We had a fantastic time at the Dude Ranch!  Story after story.....  picture after picture..... ALL unbelievable and magical!  It will be hard to even describe it all!

We have been in Rapid City since yesterday!  We went to Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Monument!  We met up with Lilly and Randy!  Colton has been "handed over" and Rod and I are off tomorrow morning at 3 am (or so I hear:( )  We are going to get home from here as fast as we can!  I hear there is something called a job waiting for me on Thursday (I surely hope so:)  Thanks for checking on me throughout this journey!  It has been truly amazing!  The Dude Ranch was amazing!  It will be hard for me to sum it up, so I will probably break it down into days as well! 

We have been on the road, away from home for three weeks now!  That is a LLLLOOOOOONNNNGGGGGGG time!  Probably longer than I have been away from "my home" ever!  I don't even think I stayed away this long when I went to England with Christianne.  I am ready for home..... but at the same time, I have loved EVERY minute (ok, almost every minute) of this trip!

Rod and I are getting ready to DRIVE!!  Stopping at this point is not going to be for sightseeing!  I will say that one thing I am really looking forward to is the humidity!  Can you believe I said that???  My lips are so chapped that I can not take it any more!

I am ready to be home!

Happy Trails!

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