Friday, July 27, 2012

Leaving Arches, 1st day at Ranch

On Friday, we rode through Arches National Park as we were leaving Moab.  There are some pretty amazing arches up there, but we had gotten pretty up close with an arch the day before, so we decided to hit the road.  We drove from Moab, UT to Fort Collins, CO.  We went right past Aspen, Vail, etc...  All of the ski resorts that I read about the celebrities going to on Christmas vacation.  The places were beautiful!  The mountains were gorgeous!!!

Day 15 was a "rest" day.  In the car:)

Friday night we stayed in Fort Collins, CO. We got up, met Poohbah, Nana, Erin and Cassidy for lunch and headed to the dude ranch! The ranch is Cherokee Park. We got here, got settled in and had dinner. Dinner is family style. They ring the bell when it is time to eat. They give you a 15 minute warning bell, then 15 minutes later, they ring the bell and it is time to eat! The girl let Colton ring the bell:) The staff got all of our stuff out of our cars, brought it in, dinner was delicious. We sat with a couple that was originally from England, currently lived in New York City and in two weeks are moving to Barbados. They have three sons that were eating at a different table. This was their third visit to the ranch, which was a good sign! After dinner, we went fishing! They caught several fish. Actually caught fish!!!!! Unlike all of Colton's fishing adventures beside the lake on Lake Drive:) One of the guys actually helped Colton clean one of the fish and he is going to get to eat it for breakfast the next day!

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