Friday, July 13, 2012

Wait til you see this!

Leslie.... I know about the hot tub.  I thought the same thing.  When I took Rod's picture, I told him... "It's just like being at Tybee Island"!! :)  Cheesy!!!  and, I didn't jump off that cliff, but can you believe I did this???????????  I can't!!!!!  Rod looked at me when we got through and said "your sister is not going to believe you did this"!  I thought, My sister?  I can't believe it!  Nor will anyone else!  Also.... I WENT FIRST!!!  Our guide, Ed, said the most nervous should go first and he was right.  And also, he wanted us to go between Colton so that one of us would be down while the other was up.  It was right for me to go first, because Colton was scared when it came down to it.  I think the fact that I did it made him know in his heart that he could, whereas if Rod was at the bottom and I was at the top, him and I would still be walking out of that canyon:)

Kim.... so glad to hear from you!  I have been thinking about ya'll throughout this whole adventure!  I have your notes and when I was packing, I used them:)  I was going to call you, but I didn't have your number programmed in my cell phone and then I got distracted.... you know how it is!  I know ya'll are having a blast and we are looking forward to the dude ranch!

Kathy.... thanks for the comment!  I have no idea who is seeing this except for family and Keeli!  I forgot how many times I have aked you to look at the blog for one reason or the other!  I am trying to keep up with things through this!  I know that I will be glad that I did!

I don't know what it is, but our adventures are just getting better!  Every day has been unbelievable!  Planned by the route, but unplanned for the most part.  We did not book any hotel except for Grand Canyon before we left!  We even changed that reservation.  We have not spent an unbelievable amount of money either!  We have actually spent less in 2 weeks than it would take to rent a beach house for one week, until we hit Moab and started really getting adventureous (is that spelled right?) with the fourwheeler and the canyoneering.  Before that, we completely did everything without guides.  There are guides for every city and park that we have been to, but we didn't use any.  Between Rod and me, we had been to most every place one time or another and had a "feel" of things.  Not that we have done everything right, but for the most part, it has been, yes, I am going to say it..... unbelievable!  I would recommend this to anyone!!!

And.... I have always said to Rod that Colton needed WIDE OPEN SPACES!!  Think of the Dixie Chicks song...  I play it over and over all the time in my own head when it comes to him!  And I am right, he has been great! He might tell everyone that he didn't do anything this summer when he gets back to school, but I will beg to disagree!  Our guide today told us that he was impressed with how intuned Colton was to nature!  He LOVES THIS!!!!

Ok, and now the pictures of what I, me, you know, the person that is afraid of frogs - did!!!  Oh, and we saw (they saw) this huge frog coming out of the canyon where the river was and I freaked out!  The guide said to Rod, "really??? she is afraid of frogs???  I don't get it?  snakes, lizards, I can understand, but frogs?  I can not stand to look at a frog, but the other two, I don't mind!  It is pretty weird!

This is just a preview!  I just had to show ya'll because I can't beleive it myself!!

This picture is of Rod and the guide coming down together.  This is the same arch that Colton and I went down, Rod was taking pictures from above.  They sent the camera down, and then they came down.  I was the "safety belt" ha, ha, right? So Colton took all the pictures of Rod rapelling and he took some awesome shots!

All of the pictures are on

I have given up trying to get them on the blog, but it shoud be easy to see them on this Share Sight.  There are way too many!  So hard for me to narrow them down!  I have to load one by one to Blog, where as once I get the pictures to Shuttefly, which is one click or two, then I can just get them to the Share page in a minute or two.  I have really been struggling with trying to post them to the blog, so this is how I am going to do it from now on! 

The guide was from and he did an awesome job!

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