Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 6

Fourth of July

We drove another long day to get to Albuquerque.  When we got there, our plan was to see Old Town, ride the tram and go to Balloon Fiesta Park.  Diamond Rio was playing there and then they had fireworks.  We got a room right beside the park.  We hit up a restaurant that was on DDD.  The name of the restaurant was Garcia’s and the food was unbelievable.  They made homemade tortillas.  But what was funny was that the waitress told us that they were not a Mexican restaurant, they served “new Mexican” food.  She told us where a Mexican restaurant was in ABQ.  It was so funny because we thought it was MexicanJ  When we were leaving Old Town, a storm was coming up.  We decided to stop and get our western gear in order.  Colton got some cowboy boots and a hat, Rod got a hat and I got a hat that was not a cowboy hat.  I look horrible in hats!   So then we went to our room, relaxed a little bit and decided riding the tram was probably not a good idea.  The storm was pretty bad, so we eventually went and got something to eat, skipped the park and watched the fireworks from our hotel parking lot.  Along with about a thousand other people that were watching the fireworks from our hotel.

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