Saturday, November 6, 2010

Trying to share video!

Working on being able to post videos.  As much as we take pictures, we have always struggled with videos and being able to "use" them.  I am trying to see if this works.

This isn't the best example of Colton's soccer skills.  He does so well when I don't take a camera, etc...  One night he scored 3 goals from mid field kick off, and I didn't take any video.  The next time, of course, I was READY with my video camera, and I don't think he scored one goal:)  Typical:)

Debbie, yes, I remember Daddy making that comment about those two trees now that you mention it.  I would have loved to have the picture of them on the beach with Daddy, and the two of them with eating the watermelon.  I want a hard copy of those too so I can hang it up beside the ones I have of Colton and Creighton in my stairwell. 

Donna, Amanda was probably pouting in that picture because someone had made her mad!  Maybe it was me for taking too many pictures, or you for not letting her go somewhere, or Beth for sitting in her lap, or any of the other million people that were probably in the beach house at that time:)  You know how we got on each other's nerves:)  (Really, this was just a joke)

Thank you for checking out my post and making comments.  I am really enjoying doing this.  I am glad ya'll are sharing in this, it is such a neat way to share memories.  Just like the post of Beth and Amanda made us all think of Daddy.  When I put "Miss A and Miss B", I was definitely thinking about him.  Love you all!  Let me know if you can view the video.  And for guess, the year?  I am still not sure.  I was trying to figure it out myself.  Beth said 95 and Debbie said 98.  Debbie is probably right because of Lilly.  Lilly was born in what year?  Dec. of 1996?  It looks like she is about 1 1/2 in these pics...


  1. Hey, we watched the video. Good job w/ the technology. I want to learn how to download the videos too! I am not going to comment retro-actively but I have enjoyed catching up w/ the pictures. The one of me and Stan was Easter 1998.

  2. I was able to watch the video. Thanks for your comments. Samuel wears so many of Colton's clothes. I can't wait to see ya'll!

  3. Colton is a kicking machine! Loved watching him play soccer. Debbie