Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last Soccer Game

I got a couple of good shots at Colton's last soccer game that I wanted to share!

He had a cute little team! 
Acting Silly!

Getting ready for team picture!

Fancy Footwork!

I think he is watching where he kicked the ball, hoping for a goal!

He has raw athletic ability!

He loves to POWER KICK, not dribble!  Imagine that:)

Hanging back with the coaches! 


  1. CUTE kids. Made me laugh when thinking about our team picture! Our team looked a little different to say the least. He is talented.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I am so sad that I did not make it down to a game this year. Maybe next time. He is the best looking one on his team and I am sure the most talented. IN the pictures you can just tell that he is a natural talent. Look forward to seeing both of you at Thanksgiving. I will miss ROD! Donna

  3. I am sorry about all of the sickness :( Tell Rod he has to start feeling better so he can fry us a turkey! jk. Mom said the other day that Samuel is strong just like Colton. I love tough little boys:)

  4. Oh my I just looked at Donna's comment. Is Rod not coming? :( Sad