Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I am a little worried.....

about Donna wrapping her arms around me and Robbie in pictures!
What is going on???, and now she doesn't like for us to touch each other in pictures:) 
What is up with that?

I have always loved this picture!

Where's Denise????

No words:)



Donna must have been coaching Amanda on her hugs during these years!  Just Kidding! 
Just giving Donna a hard time:) 

Ok, I would like to play "Tell me the year"!!  Post a comment on what year this is!?!?


  1. I had a picture that I wanted you to put on the blog of Amanda and Beth all hugged up but you beat me to it. I know where Amanda got it from. Can you believe they will be 29 years old this weekend?

  2. I would say 98. Amanda looks about a junior in H.S. The picture of Daddy brought tears to my eyes. I could see in his eyes he was almost gone. I love the picture of the girls on the couch too. There are other poses of that same day. Debbie

  3. I'm thinking 97? I love the old pictures too, they make me sad though
    Love you and the blog!

  4. I love looking at your old pics, we all have come a long way, LOL! I would say it was around my junior or senior year of high school so 98 or 99, because I remember that shirt I was wearing and how I about died to have it. Thanks again for posting all the pics, love you!~Miss A