Monday, November 8, 2010


Ok, I have gotten myself confused:)  Very easy to do, I know:)  But I was thinking that I put "tell me the year" on the Easter pics, but it was actually the Christmas pics.  I think that Easter was 1998 and Christmas was 1996.  I am not sure though.

This also makes me think about how we always talked about doing a scrap book of our days at ocean isle, but we never did.  For the first time ever, I see how we could collect pictures, post them and make some sort of sense of their order.

Thank you all for making comments!  When I get a comment, it makes me want to post more:)  Maybe this is the reason that I have always taken so many pictures!! 

So, like Beth's post a few days ago, I am going to attach some random pictures!

Colton and Uncle Bo

The gang on the boat

Mom and her "mini me"

My little sailor

Uncle Bo with C and C:)  I can't tell if Creighton is smiling or if he is upset.

Colton and his fan club!!

Love you ALL!!


  1. The Christmas picture is 1998 because that is the year that Daddy passed away and Denise did not come home that year. You and MOM look like twins. Donna

  2. I am requesting that no more "FAT AND FABULOUS" pictures be posted, LOL! ~Miss A