Saturday, November 13, 2010

torn bicep muscle,

surgery, pain pump, pink eye, throwing up!

That is what the last three days have consisted of for me:(
and none of it applies to me directly!

This is the inside of Rod's shoulder!  Gross, I know!!
The first picture shows the tear in his bicep.  The doctor said it was pretty bad.  But what else can we expect from Rod? 

Ashley Boland, the owner of the Learning Treehouse (where Colton has gone since he was one and a half) picked Colton up Wednesday afternoon.  He spent the night with her family.  Her son, Luke is Colton's buddy and is in his class.  They have been in class together since his LT days, Kindergarten and this year too.  She kept him until 7 pm Thursday night, brought him home fed and bathed and they had even eaten dessert!!!  She sent me this picture with the caption "A day off from school and a dirt pile = FUN!!!  And she was right!

This is a picture of Colton 30 minutes after he got home!  I am assuming that he had a lot of fun:)

Regarding the other topics:!

Rod has a numbing pump in his shoulder.  That has been interesting!!  I think it has helped a lot though!

Pink Eye:  Rod brought Colton and me lunch on Wednesday.  His teacher said "I think he has pink eye.  Rod had to take him to the doctor.  One eye was red, but we still don't think it was pink eye.  I was afraid because Rod's surgery was scheduled for 7 am Thursday morning, and I didn't know what to do.  I called Ashley and reported the pink eye and she didn't hesitate a minute.  Bring him on, she said, I am not afraid of pink eye.  She owns a daycare, and as she says, she "has seen it all"!  She said to me "I can't imagine how ya'll do it without your families around!"  Makes me sad(((::::

I let Colton sleep in Friday morning and I was going to take him to school a little late.  He was almost impossible to wake up at 9 am.  So, I was rushing, gave him his medicine, handed him a poptart and headed off to school.  We started to walk in the front door and he hurled.  To make a long story short, he missed school Friday.  I think he got an unpset stomach from taking medicine on an empty stomach but there is a bad bug going around, so he couldn't stay.  I had to take care of two patients Friday and I am not a good nurse!  I am upset with myself because that was his first absense and ruined his Perfect Attendance chance!

All in all, I've had better days:)  But the sun will come out tomorrow!!!


  1. Oh, that whole post is sadness to hear. Yuck, I guess when it rains it pours. Nice to have Ashley to help. I think when people have family like me then they tend not to have friends that can help. You know what I mean? I'm not complaining though. I hope you all had a better weekend and everyone is on the up-and-up for Monday morning!

  2. I was sad to hear about all the sickness. Hope that everyone is feeling better. Yes when you take medicine on an empty stomach it will make you sick. I hope ya'll have a better week. Love, Donna

  3. Ugghh, Billie, what a week! I'm sorry about Rod's shoulder. That doesn't mean the fried turkey is out....does it?:) Oh, and the throwing up, only a mother's love can do that. I was also sick last week! It was a short virus and I was only sick twice, but you know me, I might as well had been sick for a week. Well, not quite. The second time I got sick I went to urgent care for a shot of finegrin(sp), but ended up with a prescription. Hope this week is better for us all. See ya'll soon!