Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Help.... and some Oldies but Goodies

Ok, I need some help!  This blog is going to use my talented family members resources again, like I used to ge to do so often!!!

Colton's birthday party is going to be at a water park that puts a dome up during the winter and has a "heated" pool.  So, we are doing a pool party in December.  I want something "creative and catchy" to say on the invitation.  Any ideas?  Thanks!!

And here's a few oldies......

Just ran across these classics and thought it would be neat to put them up!  I always enjoy seeing these pics!


  1. These are so neat. I love that picture of MOM and DAD. How about cooling it and pooling it at Colton's party in 2010. Just kidding I am not very good at catchy titles. Donna

  2. The first thought I had was doing something w/ the saying Cmas in July. Maybe "you've heard about Christmas in July, now we will celebrate July at Christmas" or something playing off of that saying. It is not sounding cute but all I could think of to tie the 2 themes together.

  3. "Take a cool dip for Colton" A winter swimming party. The pictures are about '54 Debbie