Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Miss A and Miss B

 Two of my favorite people are turning 29 this weekend!!!

I hope you both have a fabulous birthday!

I love you both very much!

This picture cracks me up:)

      And, answer this question...............

How cute are they????

Side Note:  Donna, I think I got your posts, put your name in when you comment, b/c otherwise it just shows up as anonymous.  And Debbie, yes, the pictures of Daddy are really sad.  You can tell when you look at them now that he was in his last days.  Thank you both (and Beth) for commenting.  I am really enjoying going through these pictures.  I dug DEEP today to get the last three of Beth and Amanda, but it was SO worth it when I found the teddy bear picture....... 
And like I said about Lilly, I have a million pictures of these two birthday girls snuggled up (ya'll know what I am talking about, their classic pose:)  but only a limited amount of time for scanning and uploading tonight:)  But, still have lots of pictures to share and so many plans! 


  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I wish Amanda and I could celebrate with everyone at Grandmother's house :( You did not give us the answer. What year was the last post?

  2. Billie, Thanks for the pictures of Amanda and Beth. I can not believe they are 29. The first picture is so cute but it looks like Amanda is upset about something. Donna

  3. Yes our two fraternal twins are growing up. I hate you didn't have the classic of the two with Daddy on the beach. That is my all time favorite of them. I too have many with them all hugged up. There is one thing, concerning them that I have huge regrets about. There were two trees, tall pine trees that stood out from all the rest. As we drove home from church every Sunday Daddy would look over there and say, "there's Ms. A and Ms. B" The trees were right on the Scotland County line at Haynes Stone's house. I meant to take a picture of them and give one to Beth and Amanda but guess what? they cut one down for an antenna. I was so devastated when I saw it. Oh well that's the kind of thing that upsets me and no one else. You know my kids at school always said I was strange. Debbie

  4. I know I can't believe we are 29! I love the pics of Beth and I with our heads together, that was always our signature pose, haha! The picture of Beth when she was little was so sweet and innocent, then the one of me looking like a little monster! I guess the truth hurts, LOL! Happy Birthday Beth and thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, love you all. ~Miss A