Friday, January 27, 2012

The Greatest Show on Earth!

The Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus was in town this past weekend!  We went when Colton was three and we have not been back.  We decided to go Saturday.  We had a great time!!!  Colton really enjoyed the show!

Cheapest Souvenir we could find!

Yes, we were in the "cheap seats"!

But.... the boys were ready with their binoculors!

Rarely do we have a picture of all three of us!

I will have to write a disclaimer about the elephants at the bottom of this post!

Great Show!

Vinnie's in City Market for pizza after the show!  Nothing better!!!

Elephants:  There were people protesting when we were going in about how the circus people treat the elephants.  It was awkward for me.  I am not used to being in the "midst of controversy".  Don't know much about it, but it did make me sad.  All these little kids were going in, excited about seeing the show and the protesters were asking you to reconsider going in.  I think maybe they could find a different way???  I don't know.... maybe I am wrong!

One Ring:  I remember going to the circus with Debbie, Robbie and their girls a long time ago and there were 3 rings.  Now there is only one ring.  In a way, it disappoints me, but then you really can see everything this way.  When there were 3 rings, you didn't know what to look at sometimes:)

Blessing:  At Vinnie's, we bowed our heads and Rod said the normal blessing, "God is great....."  Then Colton chimed in and said and "Thank you for letting Mom and Dad take me to the circus!"  Memories:)!!


  1. I love the circus. Sorry about the protestors. I am sure they put a damper on the event. When I went years ago they had three rings and like you said there was alot going on. MEMORIES!

  2. Billie, Finley and I looked at the blog today.She loved the pictures. I don't think Finley has been to the circus.It is always good to catch up on the events in Rincon. I too, loved the ending. Colton is such a blessing. I love you , Debbie