Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year's Eve!

We spent New Year's weekend at Tybee.  Tybee is one of the neatest places that I have ever been able to experience on a regular basis.  It has neat restaurants, shops, etc....  Nothing is a chain, it is all unique! I LOVE IT THERE!  The Wadley's went with us and we had a great time!  We got there Friday night and went to Stingrays!  Then Saturday morning, of course, we hit up The Breakfast Club!  On Saturday afternoon, Keeli and I took a walk with the boys on their scooters and Casey in tow.  She showed me which house was used for The Last Song.  I thought that I knew which one it was, but I was wrong.  Sidenote:  she stalked Miley Cyrus while it was being filmed:)  We then went to a park for the boys to play.  We stayed gone for over 2 hours and Scott and Rod LOVED it:)  Dinner at AJ's and then fireworks on the beach at midnight!!  I was asleep, Rod came and woke me up.  I begged him to just let me sleep, but of course he wouldn't, and once I was out there, I was glad he didn't.  I love fireworks!  Then back to bed to get ready for the POLAR PLUNGE!!  Next post!!!

Our t-shirts for paticipating!  They turned it in to an "official" event, a fundraiser and we got to participate in a Guinness Book of World Record event.

Ben posing with all the new shirts!

Keeli and I in the AJ's chair!

On the beach at midnight!

Another beach shot!

And Rod took a ton of fireworks shots!  I loved them all, but I will only post a few:)


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