Friday, March 2, 2012


Colton was on a 5 today at school.  This is the 129th day of school.  I don't think 5's come real easy in Mrs. Morris class, so I wasn't really expecting one.  I should never doubt what Colton is capable of though!  Rod and I promised him lots of rewards if he ever got on a 5.  One of the rewards was to get to go to Hong Kong Buffet.  He loves it!!!  Us, not so much!!! 

Well, lucky for me, I am in Laurinburg this weekend!  Lucky for Rod, he gets to go to Hong Kong Buffet!!!  I can't wait to see if it happens!  Another option is a "Chinese Steak House" where they cook at your table (as Colton calls it)  That is probably what will actually happen.  I hear Monster Trucks are going to be in SAV also...... hmmmm.....  sounds right up their alley!

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