Saturday, January 21, 2012

You're Gonna Miss This!

I had to "record" this for my memories and figured this was the best way to do it!

Monday was MLK, Jr. holiday and Colton and I were off from school. Rod was at work. We were sitting at the counter eating our breakfast.
Colton looked at me and said: I dumped my girlfriend!
I said: Really, that is sad, was she sad?
C: No, she doesn't even know! (Like, are you crazy mom???)
Me: Did she even know she was your girlfriend?
C: NO!

And we both just laughed!!!!


Rod keeps telling me to relax! When the song by Trace Adkins "You're Gonna to Miss This" comes on the radio, he says that it is for me! I don't want to regret, I want to live in the moment, I want to enjoy (as much as I can:) EVERY moment! Because, I know: One day, I won't get to have these kind of conversations, and I will MISS IT!! I am going to want it back!

These are the good times!

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  1. Oh, I love that song and believe me you will miss it. Take Rod's advice and relax becuase these times will be gone soon. In fact I am sad because I know that Colton will not always like coming to L'burg like he does now. Donna

    The story about him and his girlfriend is too cute!