Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tybee with the Crew

Got three posts from our 10 days at Tybee...   These pictures are from when Mom, Donna, Randy and the Riddick crew were with us!  We had a great time!

Family pic at the Lighthouse!

"MY family"  so, so glad I have them to call my own:)

"The Boys" playing Bocce Ball.  I hear that Randy and Jonathan put the beat down on Rod and Daniel!  I love this picture of the four of them.  I took several but this was by far my favorite.  Don't you just love the look on their faces?  You can tell Randy is talking and the other three are laughing!  I can only imagine what he is saying:)

Do I need to comment?  Mrs, America???  Bathing Beauty? 


How many pics like this did we take at Ocean Isle in the day?  We really had a lot of fun! 

Colton hamming it up with his cousins! 

There are times that I take random pictures and I end up loving them!  This is one of those pictures!  They are just hanging out, chillling, what "Tybee" is all about.... no rush, no worries, just relax and enjoy!

Got to feed the gators when you go to the Crab Shack!  You think they would advertise on my blog?  Maybe i could tell them I will let KK with her 10,000 followers know about them:)  j/k!!!

Lilly and JR!  Loved JR!!  He was nice, polite and very helpful!!!  Colton LOVED him too:)  Yes, we LOVE Lilly too!

My boys!

Got more to share about our stay at Tybee in July....  but need to go to bed!  School tomorrow:(

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  1. LOVE these pictures. Yes, takes me back almost 20 years. Same poses, different crew/ages but same beach love! C starts school on the 25th, Finley 3 days a week on Sept 6 - if I don't take a part-time job at SHS. Will find out next week. I have mixed emotions.