Friday, August 19, 2011


Ok, to all my "followers" (ha,ha!!!)  I am going to follow Kelly's lead and "answer" some questions.  Or ask some:)!

Leslie, why can't we comment anymore as ourself?   Commenting is such a pain.  It never goes through when I try to do it????  Trying to do it Anonymous doesn't work either????

Facebook keeps trying to get me to put my password in my phone..... I was telling a friend at Colton's baseball game tonight about it and she said that I got hacked.  Who knows???  It feels kind of good to take a FB break:)

Beth, the only way I can keep up with you is through the pregnancy ticker on your blog.  Do you think I will ever get to see a beautiful baby girl????  At least a picture one day:)???  How about another picture of that belly before the baby makes her grand appearance???  Ok, just giving you a hard time, but I don't even know what your email address is:)

And Rebecca......  when I read your comment, I thought about this:

I have loved this piggy bank since you gave it to Colton.  As you can see, it is still in our house!  No, I didn't dig up some random photo, I took it just a few minutes ago!  It is one of a few things that still remain from his baby days!  Now, I have been thinking..... how crazy is that????  After almost 8 years, you changing jobs and then moving to Louisiana, etc... that we have reconnected and have this little piggy bank to talk about.  It means all that much more to me now:)

And Brooks is precious...  I can't wait to see pictures of  Parker.  I loved Brooks' one year pics.  Is that your house where you had his birthday party?  It looks really neat!

Rebecca and Beth......  you both have babies not yet 2 and one on the way.  My other favorite random blog besides Kelly's Korner is

Don't know her.... don't know why I read her blog, but there is something interesting about her..... and she is in the same situation as you two.  She has a 1 year old and is due with her second in a few days.  Check out her blog.  She does alot of crafts and projects, etc.... 

Rebecca, do you look at Kelly's Korner blog?  If not, you have to check it out.  She has over 10,000 followers.... crazy:)

Ok, so here is my random questions blog. 

Oh, and my boy hit two homeruns tonight!  I talk about people bragging on their children's athletic ability when they really aren't that athletic:)  Rod told me I did the same thing, but I told him I only brag to him and my family...  and on my blog..... and :)  you get the picture.... i guess i am guilty!!!!

Oh again, I got some really cool pictures of him hitting and rounding third.... I will post tomorrow (hopefully).  I have a camera that takes a continuous picture.  It is really neat!


  1. Hey. This is so funny! I think I sabotaged your FB account - on ACCIDENT. I am sorry.
    I have not had any problems commenting. Watch this one not go through.
    Why is Colton palying baseball now? Is he on a travel team? That is big here and they start is at six!

  2. leslie, the facebook thing is my fault. I am the one that typed in my password.... anyway, I have really enjoyed being off of it. I didn't realize how much of my time it was taking up. Colton is playing "fall ball" but it really should be called "the hottest part of summer ball". I do not plan on doing a travel team unless he is dying to do it. I don't want my weekends taken up with baseball. The fall ball only lasts 4 weeks. Soccer starts next weekend!

  3. Your blog is looking great babe! Good job