Wednesday, August 17, 2011


These are some pictures that we took the last few days that we were at Tybee during July. 

On the pier!

Wish I remembered what he is smiling so big about.... but how I LOVE that smile:)

The moon was over the ocean, it wasn't dark yet and it was gorgeous!

After swim team, he probably could be a lifeguard!

He was in a good mood that evening!

Rod took this picture with the camera on timer!  I really want to do beach pictures with a professional photographer but I have no where in my house to put any more pictures!  Oh well.... we will see!

By the way..............not on Facebook means more time to work on my BLOG!  Thinking the FB deletion was a REALLY good idea for me! 


  1. I love these pictures and wanted a copy of the last one. I also want a copy of us standing on the Beach.

  2. Those of C are so good! Cute for sure. OK, so looking for more post FB posts! Ha.