Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Nail Biter!

I don't have great pictures to share, but I do want to tell you about a great ball game!
Colton has been playing "Fall Ball".  Which is really "the hottest, stickiest, most miserable time of the summer ball"!  Tonight was the last game.  His team has been really good.  They played 8 games.  They have won 6 of those games by 15+ runs.  VERY boring games.... but in a good way:)  You know what I mean, we were the ones with all the runs.....  Only one team beat his team.  It was the second game of the season, and they beat us by 15+ runs.  It was like the black plague hanging over their heads...  Got to beat the Braves....  practice for 3 hours every Saturday, got to beat the Braves.....

Do I need to say it again?  Got to beat the Braves!!!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Patriots vs. Braves

Top of 1st inning - Patriots:  no runs
Bottom of 1st - Braves, lots of runs!!  Well, only 6, but it seemed like a lot!

We were all sitting in the stands in shock!  Really????  Is this a jinx???  What in the world?  These boys can beat every other team.  They can ALL hit the ball.  Why are they not playing again against this team?

2nd inning - Patriots:  3 runs
Braves: 3 more runs

Score 9-3

3rd inning - Patriots:  0 runs, Braves: 0 runs....

4th inning - Patriots:  6 RUNS!!!!
Braves: 0 runs!!!

yep, thats' right.... 9 - 9 going into the 5th... that's like going into the 9th in little league:)

Patriots at bat - 6 RUNS!!  And the crowd goes wild!!!!!

Score 15 - 9.  Bottom of the 5th....  Braves up to bat!  Don't remember EXACTLY how it went, but I do know that the game ended with the Patriots winning 15 - 13!!

So the pictures below are of a celebration!!!

Ok, I didn't get the best pics!  I admit it!  I was too busy biting my nails:)  But it was worth every minute!   I love a good ballgame!  Especially when "my team" wins:)

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