Thursday, December 9, 2010


Shutterfly has a promotion that offers 50 free Christmas cards to bloggers. I have used Shutterfly for my Christmas cards in the past.    Here is one of my favorites from the past. This was a great year in our lives and I thought this card was a cute way to remember all the big events. This card was made by Shutterfly. Here is another card!. This was the year that I will never forget and one of my favorite Christmas cards. I love using Shutterfly because I think they have unique and creative designs on their cards.  I want to use images of events from the past year.  I want a nice card so that you can see the pictures.
This is classic and simple. I like cards that say Merry Christmas.

This one would be perfect with the dress Finley has on in the picture I hope to use.

I love the script on this card.

I am also going to get a mouse pad for my computer like this because I have been using a Dell mouse pad that came with the computer for 6 years so I think it is time for an upgrade!

For those of you on FB or for my famous family on Twitter (:) you can promote this give away using this code:

I can not wait to get my new Shutterfly cards!

Check Shutterfly out! They have some great choices this year and just looking at the site can give you cute picture ideas.  They can help you decide what you want your card to look like!!

Here's hoping that you get a Shutterfly card from me soon. And a free one at that!  I am so excited to share our year with you!!!


  1. I am laughing! I hope you get them. I ordered mine on Monday morning and they were here today. It really is a good deal and saved me $65. Worth it!

  2. So glad you got your code! It is awesome. Make sure you pick one of the 2 styles the code is valid for. They are for the nicer cards, not the cheap ones we have always used in the past:) Got mine yesterday and hope to mail them soon! Glad it worked.