Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shopping Trip!

Rod came and picked up Colton at lunch today for them to go on their shopping trip!  Even though I was excited, I was worried.  I was right to be worried!  I went to my bank statement on line and they spent lots of money!!  Randy and I talked on the phone today and he said, "WalMart probably needs to be restocked if they went shopping!"  I told him it wasn't WalMart (thank goodness) but the outlet malls in Hilton Head.  He said they probably will have to be restocked then!  And, after looking at that statement, I am scared he is right.

Rod wore the Santa hat to school today "just for me"!  He said he knew I would be embarressed:)  He is so thoughtful:)

And, Colton pulled out his 8th tooth!  He has lost all the front teeth, top and bottom.  Or maybe I shouldn't say lost, but pulled!  He pulls them out the minute they get a little bit wiggly.  So different from me, I would let them hang by a thread before I would let any one touch them!

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  1. I am glad that the fellows went shoppping together. Those are always special times to share. By the way I love the Santa hat. Colton and Rod look like twins. Donna