Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Party

Decorating Cookies!

Getting ready to eat the cookie!

I don't know how his teacher keeps her sanity!!  She has 14 boys in her class and one of them is Colton:)

Michael in the picture above is the little boy from the pool party that told me he drownded.  He was in Colton's class last year and I think I have as many pictures with him as I do with Colton.  He is so much fun and has the best personality...  You will see more of Michael in this blog, I am sure:)

My "present" for the next two weeks:)

Colton had a great party in his class.  They did a book exchange instead of gifts.  I thought that was a great idea!  Colton's teacher is really into reading!  Colton brings home two library books,  a Junie B. Jones chapter book and two phonetic reading books per night!!  It is a lot !!!  He reads effortlessly if he is focused, but focused is the key word!!  Most nights, Rod and I read every other page just so he can get through before midnight..... 

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  1. HW is one of the things I dreaded about C starting school and it has proved to be just the hassle I expected. I dread the upcoming years b/c I know it only gets worse.
    Great to see you all today. Thanks to Colton for being our wisemen/man! See you next weekend.