Monday, December 6, 2010

Pool Party!

Everything went very smoothly!  There were only two little glitches!

My seven year old fish!

They provided the cake!  I thought it was pretty cute!

He had a lot of fun!

The whole gang, minus one little boy that was in the bathroom.  I think they had fun too!


The four divas on the right only got out of the pool when Colton started opening their cards!  They all four are in his class and they are full of personality!

Opening his gifts!

This was after we took the group picture and all the kids jumped back into the pool!

Getting ready to jump off the diving board!

Wild boys!

The four divas!

The eaters!  (This is what Rod called them:)

Do you think that Randy is wiping the sweat from working, eating, or talking too much???

Bobbi Jo and Sadie!

This is what the place looked like from a distance and before all the monsters arrived!

And let the daredevil adventures begin........

All in all, it was PERFECT!!!

Thank you Mom, Donna and Randy for coming and helping.  I really do appreciate it!  Also, to Randy, thanks for all the projects you worked on since Rod hasn't been able to do anything lately!

Our glitches..... Michael came up to me and said, "Mrs. Billie, I drownded... "  (I brought him without his parents and they forgot to mention that he couldn't swim????)  I said, "Michael, you didn't drown b/c you are still here!"  Well, let's just put it this way, the lifeguard had to jump in and save him and a little girl named Diya!  Thank goodness the lifeguards were there!!!!  Micheal is in the picture with Colton when he has seven fingers up, just for a reference!  Diya went to the diving board and her mom was there and told me she couldn't swim.  I guess she had seen the lifeguards jump in for Michael and figured they would do the same for her:)  I rode home by myself and thanked the Lord that no one got hurt, and that I got to ride home by myself!!!

Another great party in the books!!


  1. What a wonderful party for Colton's 7th birthday. He really has had some neat parties but I believe that him and his freinds really did enjoy this one. I was very jealous when I saw all those flips and tricks that he could do off the board. You know from a person like me that could only jump off the board. Thanks again! We had a great time. Donna

  2. That is a great post. The party looked like a lot of fun for everyone. Glad no one was seriously injured! Colton's diving tricks are hilarious! I laughed out loud about riding in the car by yourself b/c for some reason that is something I love to do too! Happy 7th birthday to Colton!