Sunday, May 27, 2012

We will take it!

As Colton is getting older, I am trying to come to terms with his unique abilities and disabilities!  We have been going to see a therapist that continually says "a child with special needs" as she is referring to Colton.  It almost feels like a slap in the face everytime she says it!  But with each slap, it wakes me up just a little bit!  And yes, I know!  And yes, I am "trying" to accept that my beautiful boy is that boy!  But......  SO many proud moments with him.


Yeah:)  Proud, Proud, Proud!!!!


  1. What's going on with Colton? He is such a HANDSOME boy!!

    1. Rebecca, He is extremely ADHD! He is impulsive and aggressive! He is smart, athletic and so funny! But, he can not control his impulsive behaviors and it definitely has hindered him academically and socially. I told myself for a long time that he was young, he would outgrow it, etc... but we are taking an agressive stand now. We have started Occupational Therapy and Play Therapy. He has been taking medicine since he was four! Because he is so smart, etc... I have tried not to "acknowlege" publicly his challenges! After this year, I am trying to embrace that we have major challenges along with incredible abilities:) Glad that your little guy is doing better! Your boys are both adorable! They look alike, yet their coloring is so different:)

  2. Billy, you are an AWESOME boy!! Colton is so lucky to have you!! It sounds like you are doing all the right things for him. :)