Friday, May 11, 2012

International Arts Festival!

Ok, check my boy out!  He STOLE the show today at the Blandford Elementary School International Arts Festival!!  I was SO proud for the first 2 or 3 minutes of the dance, then the break down began!  I was SHOCKED!!  But not in a bad way!  Rod and I have watched him in groups like this for years and he has struggled with stage fright.  He would barely sing or do the movements.  Well...... it looks like those days are gone!  I was even more proud!  He showed the side of him today that is so great!  He is funny, athletic, coordinated, unbelievable!!!  He was showing off, but not being too obnoxious!  He amazes me every day!  Anyway, some parents might have been embarrassed by this??? But, NOT THIS PARENT!!!  I LOVED IT!!!!!

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  1. That "how low can you go" made me laugh out loud! Cute video! Happy Mother's Day!