Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Mother's Love

WOW!!  We saw one of the most incredible things on the boat today!  I know you can not really tell by the picture, but the white "thing" in this picture is a dead baby dolphin.  We went out on the boat with our friends John and Elizabeth.  Who by the way, have an AWESOME family boat!  LOVED IT!!! 

This is our take on what was going on:  This is a baby dolphin that was possibly stillborn, or something happened to it during birth.  The mother dolphin was pushing it, the pod was following.  There were at least 2 other dolphins with the mother dolphin.  It seemed as if she was trying to get it to "breathe"!  It was so sad!  The pod was distressed and it was very obvious! 

On this Mother's Day that I get to enjoy, it broke my heart to see a mother in such distress!  This is an animal, not a human!  SO........................  it only makes it that much more distressing to think about mothers that lose their children!

On a happier note...

We saw another pod of dolphins that had a baby dolphin splashing around with them.  It was ADORABLE!!  It moved so quickly, you couldn't get a picture, but Rod got an awesome shot of two of the dolphins!  The contrast of the sad dolphins and the happy dolphins because of their baby was very human like!

We had a lot of fun!  (Just saw a little sadness)

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