Sunday, June 5, 2011

Easter Party

Mrs. Hartman is the para-professional in Colton's classroom and she is a certified teacher.  She is unbelievably patient and kind.  She told me a story about Colton in an Easter Egg toss game with one of his classmates.  She told me that he got teamed up with a girl.  At first he was upset, then he figured out a way to teach Emman what to do and they ended up coming in second place in the class.  His competitive nature was used in a good way:)!!  She is always so positive.  She always tells me positive stuff about him and it makes me so happy.

I know all of Colton's faults and his strengths.  he has always been so active and aggressive, so when I hear about his gentle, sweet side, it makes me so happy!

Easter Party - didn't get alot of pictures!

These pictures are from Easter weekend!

Cute doctor!


Dying Easter Eggs without a shirt on!  Where is his mom?  Oh, taking pictures:)

Colton and "his Lilly"!

Glittery Eggs!

I try to be young like Lilly!

On the hunt!

They look professional!

Sweet Gam and Aunt Debbie!

Such a cute picture!!

Rainbows and painted toes:)!!

Colton's Easter Basket!

Loved the performance!

Silly boys:)

Look at that finger!

Great picture of Donna and Amanda!

Beautiful Girl!


Uncle Kenny and Samuel!

I love shots of everyone standing around the swings!

Colton at his favorite place when he is at Grandma's house!

Here comes Aunt Debbie and Samuel!

So sweet!

Thank you all for my birthday lunch:)!!

These are my neighbors!  They had a little surprise cake and ice cream party for me:)!!
 I had a great birthday and Easter break!

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