Monday, June 27, 2011

Camping on the Savannah River

Since Rod is working weekends, he decided that he and Colton would go camping one Thursday night on the Savannah River.  It was during the last few weeks of school and Colton had missed 2 days of school the entire year.  He wasn't going to get perfect attendance, but he also hadn't missed much school!  I got a night alone!  Rod, Colton and Casey went camping!  I have not spent the night in this house by myself in 7 years!  Here are some pictures of their adventures!!!  They had fun doing all the "boy stuff"!  I think the trip was perfect until the next morning..... see below:)

Rod had to do alot of work to the boat.  This was his "practice run".  They took the boat out and it worked perfectly getting to their camping spot!  The next morning was field day!  Now, you know, you can't miss FIELD DAY!!!  He was going to have Colton back at school at 9 am, which is when the festivities began!  Well, the boat didn't cooperate!  Rod had to row/float the boat down the Savannah River for several miles!  Colton said that he called the boat a "nimbisle", I think he meant an "imblicle":)  But, I left school, went and met them and picked up Colton!  He got to go to Field Day and Rod did get the boat fixed after that:)

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  1. Great memories! I love the weenies roasting. Hilarious sight!