Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Camp Riddick

What more could you ask for in a camp?

You get to hold puppies!

Chill with your aunt and Grandmother on the boat!

On the Chowan River:)

Hang out with Uncle Bo and Uncle Marty!

Get rescued by Daniel!

Swim in the pool!

How cute is this????

Play Cornhole with your grandmother!

Ride horses with your Uncle Marty!

I hear they shot guns and did fireworks too:)

See your cousin Jonathan!

Stay home with your Aunt Denise while your mom goes out to eat with Lilly and her boyfriend!

And Jon!  At a really neat restaurant in Elizabeth City!

Jon and Bo!

Play basketball with JR!

Fourwheeling!!!  (Lilly and JR)

Fourwheeling (Colton and Chase)

Ok, now really...... could you ask for anything more?????  Let's recap - boat, pool, guns, fireworks, cornhole, horseback riding, puppies, shooting guns, basketball!  I think we have found a new vacation spot:)!!!


  1. Donna came by the office today and loved the race video!!! Looks like Colton is having an exciting summer so far!!!

    She sends love.

  2. These are great pictures of the Riddick clan. So glad to see them. It reminds me your boring is someone else's fun! Looks like a great trip and a fun time had by all.
    I love all these new post! Love it!