Thursday, February 24, 2011


Colton had to build a robot out of recycled material for a school project.  Here Rod and Colton are at the beginning of the project.  We have come up with a plan as a family (granted, I have seen these "projects" for the last 5 years as a teacher at BES) and they are starting the leg work in the first picture.

Colton is cutting a plastic bottle!

Here is the Robot!  He is made out of plastic bottles and shredded paper!  With a few extra additions!

Here is the Robot with some of his classmates robots:)

On display at the front of the school!

Hanging out with his robot friends:)

I have seen these robots for years and I did not want a robot covered with aluminum foil.  EVERY other robot that I have seen is covered with foil.  So we had to collectively think "outside of the box"!  The three of us (Rod, Colton and me) were sitting around the table and I had to keep reminding them that this was supposed to be fun!!  We came up with our plan, and then the work began.  It was actually a hard project due to the amount of hot glue we had to use!  But we finished, we were successful, we have persevered another school project, the only concern is that there are lots more to come!  We actually have to do a "Leprecaun Trap" now.  We had two projects this year, the robot and the Leprecaun Trap!  WISH US LUCK, BECAUSE WE ARE GOING TO NEED IT:)!!!!!!! 

Side note:  I hope Finley can wear her St. Patrick's day shirt to school and think about her great aunt Billie!  Maybe when her teacher tells her that she HAS to wear green on that day, she will be glad that she has that bright green shirt to wear - just for one day!!!  But NEVER again:) 


  1. This post made me think about so many things. AWESOME job on the robot. Very cool project and great team-work for the Cassidy clan. That is one thing I dreaded about C starting school - HW, projects, reports, etc and I am so sad to see it starts in FIRST grade. Oh my, well maybe not in LBG b/c I think we are a little behind Rincon. Anyway, funny about the shirt. She is like her mother - highly opinionated and not afraid to share her thoughts. Poor thing, she got it honest!

  2. The robot was great. The beginning of many more projects. Donna

  3. All I can say is WOW. I'm impressed! When I first read the "out to dinner"clip I was wondering the whole time where was Colton. I bet he had more fun than ya,ll did. Debbie