Monday, February 14, 2011

PTO Performance

The first grade classes performed at PTO this past Tuesday night and Colton's class dressed up like Groundhogs.  They sang a cute song about groundhogs and Colton did a really good job!  I was SO proud of him!!  In past performances, even though he is just standing in a group of kids, he freezes and hardly does what he is supposed to do, but not this time!!  He sang and did all the motions just like he was supposed to do!  Again, he made his mama proud:)

In class, waiting for the Grand Entrance!

We just had our phones with us, so we didn't get any great pics.  That makes me mad at myself!

Colton with Andrew and Ben!  They are such goof balls!

And of course, he did so well, that he got a treat from DQ when it was over!!

Oh, I forgot about the pics Rod sent me so I am adding them below!  They show him "performing" and I love thie first  one with the adorable smile!

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  1. Looks like a really nice play. I am so glad that he participated and did a great job. And of course the celebratin with the ice cream was I am sure worth it all. Donna