Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bohemian Rooftop

Rod and I went to the Bohemian Hotel last Friday night and had dinner.  This is their upstairs bar area that overlooks the Savannah River.  It was windy and chilly!  There were two older couples (probably my age, i just think that I am still young:) there and we all took pictures of each other.  Rod and I still act like tourists when we are in downtown Savannah.  It is just so beautiful there!   

How gorgeous is this???

And.... it is right in my back yard!  (Not really, but CLOSE!)

This is outside the Bohemian!  Very pretty!

City Hall is absolutely gorgeous!  Especially at night!

Ok....  a few side notes...

Colton went to a spend the night party!  It was for Luke, who is in his class, and his mom owns the Learning Treehouse.  They took 5 boys to a hotel that had an indoor pool.  They swam, ate, had a suite to sleep in, ate waffles for breakfast and had a blast!  We had fun too:)

The Bohemian was built (or established???) by the same man that built the Mansion.  We went to the Mansion for Rod's Christmas party!  They are two of the most beautiful hotels you could ever see.  They have incredible artwork and everything about them is very "cultural or sophistocated".  I found out the man that owns both of these hotels is from Effingham County.  Someone told me he was just a "good ol' boy" from Effingham.  Well, he has got incredible vision and lots of money for a "Good Ole' Boy":)


  1. What a nice night! Love the bday party idea. See you all this weekend.

  2. Looks like a great place to have dinner. The pictures are beautiful. I hope Colton had a great time at the party. Sounds like a great ideal for a party and no clean up. Donna